Nikki Bates | Because of Jeni

Preeclampsia killed my friend. It came very close to killing another. It caused a third friend to have a terrifying birth experience - having her baby whisked away to the NICU and separating her from her premature newborn for days. And today, I keep learning about more friends who've survived it.I'm walking because I miss my friend, and because I'm angry.

Jeni & I were one month apart in our first pregnancies, so our sons have grown up together. She was in much better shape than I was and had a really healthy pregnancy, but died after childbirth from complications due to HELLP - an extreme version of preeclampsia.

In the year *2018* this disease kills 76,000 moms & half a million babies globally each year. It effects 5-8% of all pregnancies in the U.S. It's the leading known cause of premature births.

And do you know what the "treatment" is?? Birth. Even if the baby's not ready to be born.

In the year 2018, we still know so little about what preeclampsia is or how to treat it that "birth" is the best we've been able to offer mothers. That's not good enough. Let's do better by our moms.

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I had my son shortly after hearing about Jeni’s story. I’m a twin, so the fact that she was a twin stood out to me. My heart broke for her family when I heard her story.
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Thank you for raising money for and awareness about preeclampisa/HELLP.

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