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Thank you for visiting my 2018 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

As you may know, I suffered from preeclampsia in both my pregnancies. In 2009, unaware of the symptoms of preeclampsia I blamed my sudden swelling on the summer Texas heat. Upon the insistence of a co-worker, I eventually took my blood pressure and was immediately sent to the hospital for monitoring which resulted in full bed rest. James was born at 35 weeks at 3 pounds 14 ounces. Tiny but strong...we were home 3 days later, and I was on blood pressure medication for a month following delivery.

Statistically, if preeclampsia occurs in a 2nd pregnancy, it is often less severe and presents itself later in the pregnancy....this was not the case during my pregnancy with Isabel! During this pregnancy I was well aware of the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia, and monitored my health closely. I was placed on blood pressure medication beginning at 18 weeks. As my blood pressure increased, so did my medication resulting in me taking 8 pills a day by the end of the pregnancy. Despite hospital bed rest and medication, my health and that of Isabel's was in danger. Isabel was delivered at 30 weeks weighing 2 pounds 13 ounces and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. I was sent home on blood pressure medication but again knew to monitor my health closely and took my blood pressure daily. Two days after being discharged, I was readmitted to this hospital for another week long stay to stabilize my blood pressure and continued to take blood pressure medication for 8 months.

I am beyond grateful for the care that was provided to me and my babies so that our story has a happy ending. This experience has prompted me to become involved in the Patient Advisory Council of The Preeclampsia Foundation and the Walk Chair for the  Austin Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.

I am thankful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word about preeclampsia. My goal is to help our community raise funds and awareness and save the lives of moms and babies!

Please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

Funds raised: $1,865 of $2,000
100 percent raised


Thank you donors
Samantha Olivares : $20
Lindsey Neuhaus : $20
Rachel Luna & Lance Cawthon
Gabriela Saenz : $50
Team James & Isabel, you have a special mommy that is leading the walk for a great cause!
Barbara Casas : $50
So proud of your commitment to the cause!
George Cuddy : $750
Lots of love to Team Claudia, James & Isabel!
Megan Trad : $50
Cyndi Cantu : $50
Anonymous : $250
Lindsey Neuhaus : $50
Anne Currie
Lacey Appleton : $100
Claudia Chahin : $200

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