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Thank you for visiting my 2017 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

     For those that don't know our story, my husband and I were expecting our first child, Eloise,  due December 2015. We couldn't have been more excited! Her nursery was perfect, we had all the toys, shampoo, and gear ready for her arrival. At my 32 week appointment, the doctor noted a sudden weight gain (I was so sick during my pregnancy that weight gain was difficult) and she said we needed to watch for signs of preeclampsia. I received NO education on what preeclampsia was, or what signs/symptoms to look for. The swelling in my legs wasn't any more severe than normal pregnancy swelling at 8 months along. On October 21 I was perfectly healthy, and went to work with no problems. I stopped at a pharmacy on my way home and noticed my BP was slightly elevated (for me) but wasn't considered hypertensive. Little did I know that because my BP is naturally pretty low (100/80) that this slight spike would cause our world to come crashing down.

    Around dinner time on that same day (October 21), I mentioned to my husband and mom I was having some pressure in my lower back. I wasn't painful, so we just assumed it was Ellie getting lower and ready to be born (I had felt her flip just days before!). I tried to go to bed that night but the pressure was getting stronger. Again, there was no pain. Being a first time mom, I once again made excuses for this and said it's just part of pregnancy at 8 months. By 11pm I couldn't stand it. I got up from bed and felt very hot. I had to remove my clothing to lay on the tile floor in our bathroom to cool down. When I stood up I felt a pop and blood started flowing. I screamed for my husband and he got me to Hillcrest in no time!

     At 1:25am on October 22, 2015 our daughter was born via emergency c-section. She had already died. There was nothing they could do. They were now more concerned with saving my own life. I had lost so much blood from a massive placental abruption (caused by a blood clot in the placenta and the high BP from preeclampsia). At one point they weren't sure they would be able to save my uterus. I spent several days in the ICU and once stable, moved to labor and delivery. We were able to spend a few hours with Ellie before having to say goodbye forever. Because I was on so much medication to control my BP and my pain level, I don't fully remember my time with her. I have the photos to look back on, but no strong memories of holding her, feeling her weight in my arm (she was perfectly on track size wise and we were told she would have been an 8lb. baby had we made it one more month).

     Being a part of the Cleveland Promise Walk for Preeclampsia is so very important to our family. Parenting a living child is hard, but parenting a child who has died is much harder. We are constantly looking for ways to still parent our Ellie, and by raising awareness, promoting education, and helping to fund research efforts gives us an opportunity to do so. We love Ellie SO much, and we want to save other families from experiencing the pain the preeclampsia has caused us. We would be honored if you would join our team, or give a small tax deductible donation to our cause. Help us keep our Eloise's memory alive in the hearts of others!

Thank you so much! <3

With love,

Joel, Abigail, Eloise, Achilles, & Athena

Funds raised: $3,150 of $2,000
100 percent raised


Thank you donors
Jill Laughlin : $100
Jonathan Price : $150
Kelly Cervantes : $30
Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to help save the lives of countless babies and their mamas! In honor of Eloise From her angel baby friends, Ángel and José
Karly Pappas : $20
Wendy Giancola
In honor of our great niece, Eloise. Sorry we cannot be there!
: $300
Employer Matching from Val Pakis and John Richardson
Steve Heiss : $25
Janet Hendlin : $44
Best wishes to you and your family.
Good luck to Team Eloise! Hope you have fun raising money for this worthy cause.
Jessie Deeds : $15
Diane Wilkinson : $21
Abby and Joel I think of you often and your beautiful Eloise? Wish I could March with you, love you all???????
Elena Kittle : $25
From Evie to Eloise <3
Delia & Robert Ayer : $100
In love in memory of Eloise.
Dianna Sotock : $150
Tastefully Simple Donation
Andrea Karlovich
Keep up the good fight! Love you Abbie! Miss You Too.....
John Richardson
Congratulations to Team Eloise on your wonderful fundraising efforts. Sorry we cannot be with you on the day of the walk. Best wishes, John & Barb
Patricia Hahn : $50
God bless you, your family & Sweet baby Eloise! ??????
Val Pakis
Kimberly Lettrich : $20
God bless!
Anonymous : $100
Sara & kitt Lashley : $25
Sorry we can't be there this year! ??
Patricia Guitar : $100
We love you guys and are happy to honor Eloise Rose with this donation.
Jessie Deeds : $250
Stephanie Guerra : $35
I adore you and your extremely large heart.????
Lorraine Gauvin : $60
Tim Turner
Love u guys!!!
Eileen Riegert : $25
Tj Turner : $60
Terry Lashley : $100
ARK Plumbing : $100
In Loving Memory of Eloise Rose
Christie DeAngelk : $75
For Eloise <3
Wendy Giancola
We love you!
David and Karen Oesterle : $100
Susan Greggs : $25
David Facchiano : $50
Maddie & Sarah Shields
All our love! Wish we could join you in Eloise's honor. ?
Margaret Price : $100
To our little Ellie, we wish so badly you were here!
Nancy Yahraus : $30
Abigail Price : $100
Our beautiful daughter, You are loved and missed beyond measure!
Cindy Yahraus : $100
In loving memory of Eloise Rose Price.

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