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Hello my name is Frances I am doing this in hopes to let everyone know how terrible preeclampsia can be. I started to experience high blood pressure, swelling in my legs and my stomach started to tighten I was admitted to the hospital on March 11th 2017 and was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia the worst U of M has ever seen. I thank my fiancé for taking me in as my liver was enlarged 12 times it's size and I was very sick and not doing well at all. I got to the point I couldn't walk or move almost everything was done for me. I just turned 25 weeks they did an emergency csection on March 16th and I had my son Bryon Keith Willis he was 1 pound and 1 ounce. Just a little guy so precious and sweet. The first night I had to recover but my fiancé stayed with him. I couldn't wait to get down to the nicu to see him. When I got there they did a few blood transfusions already and lots of X-rays. My preeclampsia got even worse after I had Bryon it was very terrible and I couldn’t do anything I could barely eat. I sadly lost my son 3 days after having him. I stayed for 2 weeks total I was able to walk into the hospital but had to leave in a wheelchair it took me over a month to recover. I am glad I have such a great family and everyone is supportive. Please be aware of preeclampsia if you know someone pregnant or if you plan to get pregnant or are. Check your blood pressure and talk to your doctor. I have changed my whole lifestyle around. I miss my son everyday and wish he could be here with me.

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Linda Damitz : $60
I am donating for my self and for Merannda. This is important to our family. I also put in alittle something for my friend Martha Rehder. Love you Fran
Christina Doughty : $25
I am sorry it couldn't be more!! This is such an important issue to bring to light. Hopefully, one day, this will no longer be an issue for women and their babies! Thank you for your beautiful soul!
Frances Persinger : $15

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