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Thank you for visiting my 2017 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word about preeclampsia. My goal is to help our community raise funds and awareness and save the lives of moms and babies!

Please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

In December of 2015, I was getting ready to enter my third trimester of pregnancy when I suddenly became very ill. The symptoms I had were mistaken as severe normal pregnancy symptoms, but they weren't normal. They were the markers of preeclampsia. Not knowing what was happening to my body I took part in the annual trip from Florida to Massachusetts and almost a week after I began experiencing the symptoms, the preeclampsia became so severe that I had a seizure which resulted in my son needing to be delivered at only 29 weeks. When I woke up after his delivery I met him through photographs and it was 5 days before I even laid eyes on him or got to hold him. 68 days he spent in the NICU 1200 miles away from home, and he fought for his life for well over half of that time. Preeclampsia stole away a lot of precious things from us, and we hope that our contributions will help stop that from happening to any more families.

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