Christina Korsvik | Team Poppy

Thank you for visiting my 2018 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word about preeclampsia. My goal is to help our community raise funds and awareness and save the lives of moms and babies!

Every year in the U.S., nearly 4 million women give birth, the vast majority without anything going amiss for themselves or their babies. But more than 135 expectant and new mothers a day — or roughly 50,000 a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — endure dangerous and even life-threatening complications that often leave them wounded, weakened, traumatized, financially devastated, unable to bear more children, or searching in vain for answers about what went wrong.

My daughter and I are among the lucky ones. While delivering my daughter at 35 weeks due to rapid-onset preeclampsia left me with lasting health issues and trauma, we went home together. For so many families this is not the case. 

This cause is important to me not only because it directly affected me (and more recently, other women that I love) but because it affects so many families yet it is so poorly understood, funded and researched. One in TWELVE women will develop preeclampsia and related hypertension diseases of pregnancy (which can be developed postpartum as well), yet I had never even heard of it before I got pregnant. Even being the type-A nut that I am, having read every book and article on pregnancy in existence, I didn't recognize that I was experiencing symptoms in the days leading up to my emergency induction . My hope is that even if making a donation is not possible, that each person who reads my page will recognize the symptoms in themselves, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and friends, potentially saving a life: 

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Swelling (Edema)
Nausea or Vomiting
Abdominal (stomach area) and/or Shoulder Pain
Lower back pain
Sudden Weight Gain
Changes in Vision
Shortness of breath, anxiety

If you are able, please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy. If not, please spread the word!

Funds raised: $360 of $100
100 percent raised


Thank you donors
Brian & Cheryl O’Neill : $50
Best of Luck on walk day!
Sherri Mulholland : $25
Adam Korsvik
Love you! - Adam and Alyssa
Kevin, Alyson, Penny, & Ruby Kretch : $100
I <3 my little popster!
Steve and Debbie Karklin : $100
You are amazing Christina!
Halli Goddard : $20
????For all of us with preeclampsia. Love you.
Justin Stanek : $20
Proud of you for supporting the cause! Love you!
Melissa Aizen : $20
I love Brooklyn! I am very grateful she is such a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl (who is lucky to have a Momma like you). Happy birthday Christina, I hope it's the best

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