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When we learned we pregnant with our first baby we were beyond excited. When we learned we were having a girl our excitement grew even more. Other than gestational diabetes, my pregnancy had been uneventful. Things began to change around 35 weeks when I started showing symptoms of Preeclampsia. I went in for a routine OB appointment on a Wednesday and my blood pressure was 150s/90s, a drastic change from my prior readings. My OB ordered blood work to check my liver enzymes and platelets, both used to help in the diagnosis of Preeclampsia. The day after my appointment I received a call from my OB instructing me to go to labor and delivery for monitoring because my platelets has dropped from the previous blood draw and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. After spending a few hours being monitored in labor and delivery I was discharged home on bed rest. After an uneventful Friday and Saturday I woke up from a late nap on Sunday, vomited and began feeling pain on my right side under my ribs. After placing a call to my OB I headed to labor and delivery. By the time I arrived the pain on my right side was excruciating  and my blood pressure was 180s/100s. I was prepped for an emergency c section and delivered Hanna that night. Although she was a good size at birth, being born four weeks early her lungs were still slightly immature and she had to go to the NICU. I continued to deteriorate after delivery. I was losing blood, but my OB couldn’t figure out from where. A few hours after delivery I was back to operating room. The trauma surgery team was brought in and found that my liver had ruptured. It was then that I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. HELLP syndrome severe form of preeclampsia that causes platelets to drop and liver enzymes to rise. The right sided pain I was experiencing prior to delivery was my liver swelling until it basically popped. I spent the next two days in the ICU intubated and sedated. I underwent a two phase surgery to repair my liver. Thankfully I recovered very quickly after my liver repair surgery and Hanna did really well in the NICU. We were able to be reunited once I was stabilized. Six months after Hanna was born I joined the Preeclampsia Foundation as a volunteer for the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. My mission is to spread awareness and raise funds that will help in finding a cause and cure for Preeclampsia. I hopeful that one day we will live in a world where women and babies do not die from Preeclampsia. 

Please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

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Charla Pettis Murphy : $50
We love you Hanna, Miya, & Andy! So proud of you reaching and exceeding your fundraising goal! ????
Lia White-Allen : $50
We love you Miya & Hanna! Aunt Lia & family
Remela Wilson : $100
Go Team Hanna! ????
Vasco Harper : $25
So glad both you and the baby were able to survive the attack of this terrible disease..
Nicole Wasson : $50
So proud of you Miya love you and Hanna
Mohamed Abbamin : $100
I wish you the best
Jennifer McDougal : $100
Go Team Hanna!!
Fatima S. Anthony : $75
Go Team Hanna!!! Xoxo from Eli and Manny
Jahira James
Anonymous : $30
Go team Hannah!
Go Team Hanna!
Foster's Grille : $12
Tonya Spears : $20
Very personal to me both daughters went through this! Team Hanna ROCKS!
: $16
Kimberley Murphy : $50
Go Team Hanna, Maria, Summer,Tina, Mike, Dav and Elija
Sally Jewart : $50
Kimberley Murphy : $40
Go Team Hanna , from Osila, Betty Danae , Cordelia, Marlette, Mariam and Eileen!!! ????????????
Denise Bailey : $25
Go Team Hanna!! Aunt Neice loves you soo much??????
Your DMV Team : $186
Your DMV Team Realty charity giveaway!
Arlene Trudeau : $50
Facebook donation 1/3/18
Kevin & Wanda Daye
Kimberley Murphy
I’ll support you every year, and I’m so excited To be a volunteer!! Go Team Hanna!!!

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