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The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia 

--What the heck is preeclampsia?

We had no idea either until it rocked our lives! Preeclampsia is a severe form of high blood pressure marked by excess protein in the urine. It affects about 8-10% of pregnant women in the U.S.  Symptoms include persistent headaches, abdominal pain and blurred vision or light sensitivity.  All I wanted to do was lay down in a dimly lit room by myself.  

--Why are we walking?

I suffered through Preeclampsia when I was pregnant with Caroline. It was the hardest and scariest time in our lives. We started monitoring my blood pressure at the end of my 2nd trimester and eventually had to be admitted into the hospital for 24 hour monitoring. I was able to carry Caroline to 34 weeks! Because of prayer, informed doctors, and medicine, our lives were saved.

--We joined the fight to find a cure!

Immediately after delivery we had the opportunity to donate my placenta to preeclampsia research. How cool! 

--Is there a cure?

Currently, the only “cure” for preeclampsia begins with delivery of the baby and placenta. There are medications and treatments that may prolong the pregnancy, which can increase the baby's chances of health and survival. Caroline received steroid shots that matured her lungs faster for a early delivery.

--Join us! 

Our goal is to raise awareness and to find a cure for preeclampsia by raising funds for research.

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