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I had only heard of preeclampsia one time before I got pregnant from a close friend who had preeclampsia. I became pregnant with our first child (SJ) shortly after we got married. Our Doctor never mentioned preeclampsia to me. I had a fairly easy and normal and healthy pregnancy up until 27 weeks. I started to feel like I had the flu. Symptoms got worse and resulted in me going to the ER about 29 weeks where we learned I had preeclampsia and HELLP. We also found out our baby had passed. Labor was induced and our son was stillborn. He was 2.9 lbs and 19 inches long.
I ended up on magnesium to prevent seizures and spent about 10 days in the hospital.
Recovery was difficult. I had blurred vision which caused difficulty walking. I was extremely swollen which made doing almost anything painful. I was on blood pressure medication for several months. My thoughts were fuzzy. And the grief that ensued was just about unbearable.
We became pregnant again May 2016. We had done a lot of research on preeclampsia and consulted with a maternal fetal specialist. We followed their orders and were closely followed by our new OB. This pregnancy was also normal and healthy up to 36 weeks. Protein showed up on my urine test and I was admitted to the hospital the same day. I was put on bed rest and monitored closely. I was induced at 37 weeks and had a healthy baby girl (Ellie). She just turned One in Jan.

I believe that our second pregnancy had a positive outcome because I knew the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia. I knew what to look for and I knew to advocate for myself and Baby.

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We are thankful for your donations which support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

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So proud of your strength and your continued love and support for this dreadful condition. All our love, Linda and Keith Wood
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This is going for a good cause and I'm glad I could help. I love you and your family Nicole.
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Thank You so much for bringing more awareness to everyone! Please keep sharing. All of your family is in my prayers.
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Happy to support our brave friends. I've personally learned so much through you so thank you! And, Happy 1st Birthday Ellie!
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