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Thank you for visiting my 2018 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

Please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

When we got pregnant with our son in 2015, we had a very faint idea of what preeclampsia was, and even less of an idea that it would change our lives. 

I noticed swelling and even sought treatment in the emergency room, only to be told it was just "normal pregnancy swelling". I could feel that something was clearly off in my body and continued to research my symptoms. I mentioned preeclampsia to my doctors, who noted that my blood pressure, which was always very low, had risen, but not to a dangerous level. I was dismissed. 

At 35 weeks, I went into labor for 26 hours. The labor stalled, and I was able to keep our son in utero for another week and two days. When he was born, 4 weeks early, we were incredibly blessed to have a healthy baby with no major health issues. Myself, on the other hand, descended rapidly into a scary spiral of health issues. 

The day we were to be discharged from the hospital, they noted my blood pressure was very high, bordering on dangerous. I was again shrugged off and sent home. It was only during a routine check three days later, I was readmitted to the hospital and told I was bordering on seizure/stroke-inducing blood pressure numbers. I was finally diagnosed with preeclampsia, postpartum.  I felt sick, weak and like I was unable be the mother to my newborn that I had envisioned in the previous 9 months. Our little family was filled with fear as my medicines were failing to lower my blood pressure and my blood tests began to show signs of kidney/liver failure. I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a complication of the preeclampsia with a 25% mortality rate. . I became increasingly ill and increasingly terrified. I could barely sit up to hold my precious child, let alone revel in the creation of my beautiful little human. All of this, adding guilt to the fear that I would not live to see my son grow up. 

After 3 weeks of being in and out of the hospital, home blood pressure checks and true fear, I was home and medicated. I was still unwell and dealing with the lasting mental  effects that having such unexpected trauma can cause. 

 I was medicated for 3 months before my blood pressure was low enough to ween off medication. It still has never returned to my normal state and I will always be dealing with the lasting damage to my body. 

But I am alive, my son is alive. We are more blessed then I could ever ask for. This is why we walk.  we walk for all of the families who lost someone, who didn't have the outcome that we did. We walk with the hope that our donations can fund life-saving research. We walk to spread knowledge. 

If we can spread awareness, raise funds, and save just one life, it will all be worth it.

Your donation means everything!

Please feel free to join our team, we would love to walk with you!

Thank you, so much. 

Funds raised: $100 of $500
20 percent raised


Thank you donors
Amy Spadaro : $50
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