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* These are all posts pulled from my moms Facebook page and this is just a little bit of our families story. I am Carlee. My family and I found out that I was pregnant last summer. This was a total surprise to all of us because of how young I was (16 at the time) and we found out when I was a few weeks shy of being halfway through my pregnancy. I had several visits to the labor & delivery floor at our local hospital and I was showing the signs of preeclampsia but they always turned me away & told us that I did not have preeclampsia. I delivered a beautiful baby boy, Ryder, on January 3rd and was able to come home a few days later. A few days after I came home, my families world began to crumble...

January 12th, 2018

At 2:00am this morning my world began to crumble, When Greg (Carlee’s boyfriend) came busting into my room yelling Jen it’s Carlee she won’t stop shaking, I flow out of bed & as I go to her bedroom door she was having a full body seizure, I made sure she stayed on her side as I yelled someone call 911, and keep saying no... no please god help us & letting carlee know moms here baby it’s gonna be ok, minutes felt like months until help arrived. My sweet girl had another in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and another one in the ER. She is stable now & resting, she isn’t out of the woods yet. She is running a fever so they are trying to figure out where the infection is, they also said she has eclampsia. My world is shattered that my baby girl is going through this, life is to fragile as I was reminded of this, this morning. Please say a prayer for Carlee as we still have a battle to fight.

January 13th, 2018

Update on Carlee, we had a good night at 2:30am they took her off of the magnesium & I’m estatic to report..... She has been seizure free. Her Bp is looking better & better, headache free (this is HUGE) Took the cath out, stopped the IV fluids, they have to continue to monitor her closely. She is still at high risk for this happening again for the next 6 months, So with proper BP meds & antibiotic we should be on the mend. She is extremely tired & weak. She’s not very alert bc of all the meds & just plain wore out. If you talk to her she will answer you but goes back to sleep, which is the best thing for her. The doctors have asked her if she can remember anything that happened she says “I remember my mom holding me trying to wake me up” I’m sadden this whole thing has happened but I’m glad she now knows without a doubt I will never leave her & I will always be there for her.

January 14th, 2018

Update on Carlee: They discharged her last night with Blood pressure medicine & Strict orders to rest & do absolutely nothing, And to continue to monitor BP at Home, as her bp was slightly elevated throughout the night (yes I set my alarm for every hour-2 hours to check her) this morning at 6:28am her read was 144/104 She wasnt complaining of anything but I placed a call to the hospital & was instructed to bring her right back to the floor she was discharged from. She now is slightly seeing spots, Now they are monitoring her bp & she has dozed off, Waiting to see what we do next. Please keep her in your prayers.

January 15th, 2018

Update on Carlee: We are back at the hospital & they admitted her, her bp is high again, she had a crazy rash, heaviness in her head & tingling. She can’t hear to well out of her left ear. They are saying sometime tomorrow we will be seeing an ENT. They are changing BP meds & they sticking with Eclampsia for now, her labs look good. Just need my Grace Bug- Grace-Bug-Bugga-Car better it’s been a rough 2 weeks!

January 16th, 2018

Update on Carlee: Her bp is 112/65 & has been running good since the new medicine, let’s hope & pray this is the medicine she needs, head is still feeling heavy & they believe it’s bc there is fluid behind her ear. Hearing & pressure test hasn’t been done yet, So It will probably be done after discharge. Thank you everyone for your prayers & continued prayers, Can’t wait to get this nightmare behind us & get her home to be able to play & watch baby Ryder grow, he is changing everyday, we miss him so much!

Update on Carlee: We are waiting to have an evaluation done by a Physical Therapist, She has weakness on her left side, if she needs PT, I have a PT in my back pocket & I think he’s pretty amazing! (My boss Phil)

Update on Carlee: We are Home and we are going to give this a shot, with new medication & follow up appointments, thank you everyone for all your support & continued prayers, It means a lot to myself and my family

January 19th, 2018

Update on Carlee: We have been home for a couple days, bp has been looking pretty good, she’s still feeling a little under the weather. We have 2 follow up appointments next week & hopeing to see the Dr. today too! Thank you for all the prayers & continued prayers. And my poor little Mia has nurse maids elbow, She went and seen an orthopedic yesterday and is feeling much better, The first day no one could get near her arm, but yesterday she said “my boo boop feels better” ??. As for me It happened.... I ended catching something while at the hospital or It could have just been the lack of sleep, stress and worry, I’m pushing through because this is absolutely minor compared to what my girl has gone through.

** Mia is Carlees 2 YO niece **

January 25th, 2018

Update on Carlee: She’s feeling much better had a follow up with ENT But he said there’s no fluid behind her ear, hear test and pressure test was good, he said go see a neurologist because she’s still having the heaviness/pain in her head. I just wish could get some answers. I think my girl had a stroke that dreadful morning while she had a seizure. Everything has affected her left side!

February 13th, 2018

Update on Carlee: We are back in the ER with elevated BP, numbness in left arm & Shakes (she was very shaky like she was moments before her first seizure)
Dr evaluated her & said she definitely has weakness on her left side & need to see a neurologist, So for now he ordered blood work & CT & now waiting for CT & results!

Most recent update: I will be recieving an EEG this Friday, March 2, and an MRI next Monday, March 5 to figure out if there is anything that we are missing.


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