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I had never heard of preeclampsia until my doctor mentioned it during my first pregnancy. I was puffy, my ankles were swollen, and I had gained weight pretty rapidly. I felt fine but was told that I needed to deliver early in order to prevent possible complications and our daughter was born a month early--small, but healthy. I thought that this would be it as far as my encounter with preeclampsia.

I was wrong.

During my second pregnancy, I started to have blood pressure issues about midway through the pregnancy and not feeling quite "right". Swollen ankles was the only other symptom. My doctor put me on bedrest at home and then eventually sent me to the hospital to be on bedrest, as well as regular monitoring and non-stress tests.

Everything was ok until that Saturday morning, March 8th, 2013. I noted that when I woke up, everything looked blurry/shaky for a short while and when the nurse asked me if I had any visual disturbances and I told her, she had a look on her face that told me something was not good. In a short time, my doctor was at my bedside informing me that we would be doing a C-section today because things "had taken a turn" so later that afternoon, I would be delivering my baby. Within hours, I began with terrible symptoms that included intense epigastric (upper abdominal) pain...I couldn't even see straight. My doctor came in and told me we had to get the baby out NOW. And then, it was a blur. I was wheeled down that hallway like a scene from a medical drama on TV. I was given anesthesia and the doctor began the C-section...I wasn't numb yet and could feel him cutting but there was no time. The baby had to be delivered. Machines were beeping, the room was abuzz...very scary!

And then I heard it. The loudest cry from the tiniest baby. He was ok, small but ok. I needed medical intervention but we made it. We are the lucky ones.

And I want preeclampsia to be a thing of the past. I don't want other mothers to feel the fear that I felt. I want all birthing stories to be happy stories.

That is why I walk.

To keep my Promise.


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