Sarah Poplin | Team SJ (Tagalk)

2 years ago I was up early getting ready for a volunteer event - saw Nicole's mom, Rachel, calling me before 6am and I didn't answer, trying to chalk it up as a butt-dial. Deep inside I knew something horrible had happened with Nicole's pregnancy but I was too chicken to face it. It took 45+ minutes (while driving) for me to muster up enough courage to listen to Rachel's voicemail. I completely lost it when I heard that Nicole and Sontice lost their first born child to Preeclampsia/HELLP. Sontice kept us girls up to date with Nicole's progress but it would be awhile before she was out of the woods herself - her health (physical, mental and emotional) was effected in a great way. Seeing your best friend suffer a loss so great, and not being able to be there for her, see her in person because each new face sent her blood pressure soaring, is truly one of the most heartbreaking things you can ever try to imagine. Please consider donating to this cause or joining us in this walk. I don't want to see your best friend or your daughter or your niece go through this horrific condition, putting their lives and their unborn children's lives in danger. By the grace of God, Nicole was pregnant with Eleanor GRACE and knew the symptoms to look out for. Cooped up in the hospital for over a week monitoring hers and Ellie's health, Ellie made her arrival weeks before the due date, and is healthy as can be. Miracles do happen, and while every pregnancy here-after will be hard for her to enjoy 100% without fear, she has the education so many women do not, to know the symptoms and choose the doctors committed to keeping them healthy. Praise God!

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