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3. 25lbs and born at 33 weeks  thats is how small my little Rowan was in 2011 at 32 weeks.  I had become  ill very quickly and had signs of high blood pressure,  edema and migraines. My midwife was not educated well on the signs of Preeclampsia. I was in denial and could barely understand what was happening to me and then later in the hospital. A couple of days later after sitting in the hospital, barely able to breathe and the edema and swelling became more severe I was diagnosed with HELPP syndrome. Emergency C section and r almost 2 days in recovery when my nose was bleeding and my blood pressure way up it was finally almost under control. I woke up to Rowan's photograph next to my pillow, she was in the NICU I had not realized the severity of what happened. I  also didn't have a clear support team until I got to the hospital. 

Could this had be prevented yes and no?  Yes if there was proper training of my Midwife of the time, no I was later diagnosed with antiphilolsipid syndrome during my second pregnancy. A clear cause of why I have issues when I am pregnant. My blood becomes clotted, the placenta doesn't feed the baby and viola a perfect mix for a low birth weight baby and a trip to the hospital. The second time around I had a team of doctors, a Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor, A Gynocologist that worked well with MFM doctor. ( and lots of injections of lovenox a blood thinner) a give birth to a beautiful baby boy @ 39 weeks. ( with still some underlying issues of blood pressure) 

This took me a lot of time to recover from, my baby had been taken out early. I was in intensive care, Rowan would be in the NICU for almost 2 months. Proper training, educational materials and mandatory training for high risk pregnancies is needed desperately in locations like New York and throughout the United States. The Preeclampsia Foundation was there for me during my recovery, the forums helped me connect to other families that had been through the same situation. I was able to fully understand what had happened and not feel guilty for my body failing on me. I became very proactive in the community, I had a lot of help during my second pregnancy with Rory. ( I even participated in a Preeclampsia Study)  Now it's my turn to help another year ( year 5!!) by creating my fundraiser and virtual walk for the Preeclampsia Foundation on Long Island! 

This excerpt was taken from the PREECLAMPSIA Foundation Newsletter about my experience I went through having another child after Preeclampsia "

Another aspect of coping is becoming educated about preeclampsia and staying in conversation in the Foundation’s Community Forum. Laura
is an avid reader of the scientific literature. “My reading has helped me feel more confident about this second pregnancy and my long-term health. The long-term consequences of preeclampsia are of great interest to women who have had it,” said Laura. “Already, it is well known that survivors of the disorder have a significantly increased risk of heart disease and stroke, but what else is out there waiting to be learned? I signed up for The Preeclampsia Registry when it was launched by the Foundation in September. I hope other women will go on


Spring 2014

” Laura has also consistently participated in her local Promise Walk for PreeclampsiaTM and donated the proceeds from her photography business since 2013."

“I can’t express how meaningful it is to me that I can give back to the Preeclampsia Foundation,” said Laura. “Every time I think about another woman having to go through the unknown of what can happen with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, I feel sick inside.”

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