Mary Laura Calhoun

Thank you for visiting my 2018 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

As you know, preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome nearly took my life and Izzy's, too.  We are grateful that doctors discovered our condition and kept us both alive.  We support the Preeclampsia Foundation and its research to find out the causes and cures for these devastating, dangerous pregnancy conditions.

If you're a woman who's given birth, there's more you can do to help.  Please join the "living database" of the pre-eclampsia registry here (  Whether you've had pre-eclampsia or not, you can help researchers find differences between women who get the disease and those who don't, getting us closer towards prevention and cure.

Thank you for your generous support.

Funds raised: $900 of $950
100 percent raised


Thank you donors
Mary Kay & Joe Bogardus : $25
Tom McSorley : $57
cecilia winter : $25
So glad you and Izzy got through that difficult time and are healthy and strong! Thanks for bringing awareness to this!
Joanna Blotner : $18
Natalie Ceperley
I hope that it makes a difference!
Erin Stutelberg : $39
I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!! xoxo
Elke C : $25
Erin Duchinsky : $25
Thank you for doing this and for raising awareness about this condition
Anonymous : $100
From a Brazen Brasilian. good job!
Amy Symonds : $25
Linda Crawford
It was such a scary time. We love you all so much. Aunt Linda & Uncle Boye
Julie Blackley : $25
Kimberly Parker : $25
Thank you for your tireless advocacy for important causes. You are an amazing mama, teacher, and activist. Love you.
Elyse Ashburn : $25
Sasha Stonehouse : $25
You go girl!
Anonymous : $50
Looking good Bogardus family!
Kevin Bogardus : $50
This is from Iz and me. We love you!.
Jessica Lott : $36
Carla Ferris : $50
Carol Spring : $25
Love to you all!
Erin Stutelberg : $25
Love to my strong and brave friend!
Mary Lynne Calhoun : $50
So very proud of you and Izzy
Susan Wagner : $25
Good Luck! Happy to support you.
Jami Brandt : $25
Mary Laura Calhoun
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