Rachel Ferguson | "You'll Be Strong"

When Liza Jane was born on December 10, 2016, Burr and I learned more than we ever hoped to know about preeclampsia and the related HELLP syndrome, as I was diagnosed with both during a regular prenatal checkup. Thankfully, Liza arrived healthy (if a little small!), and I did not suffer any long-term ill-effects.

Burr and I were asked to be the 'Mission Family' for this year's Promise Walk for Preeclampsia and to share our story to educate the community about the disease. We agreed to do so because we feel it is important for families to be aware of the disease and to have a better sense of the 'warning signs' that we missed. Had it not been for regular prenatal care, Liza and I could have been in real trouble; we want to help promote positive, healthy outcomes for all pregnancies.

To that end, we are asking you to join us at the Promise Walk in Fultondale on May 6, and invite you to make a minimum $25 donation to the Preeclampsia Foundation for ongoing research of preeclampsia and related disorders.

Thank you for your support!

Funds raised: $700 of $1,000
70 percent raised


Thank you donors
Terri Ferguson : $50
Micaela Carriel
Sending much love from Jim and Micaela Carriel
Kelly Dyer
Dennis Rowlen
robert dugins
linda dugins
Sending much love to our healthy Liza Jane, and much hope to all other babies and families!
Fred Ferguson
From Fred, Nicole, and cousin Millie
Betsy Gardemal
Torrey DeKeyser
katie fuchs
Denise Cole : $25
Thank you for sharing your story!

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