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Dear Supporter,

I am writing to request your support for the 2017 Cranford, NJ area Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on 5/21/17. In 2015 my family and I joined the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in remembrance of our daughter Charlotte who was born too early due to preeclampsia on 9/7/14. This year we will be walking again in Charlotte's memory and also to honor our son, James III, who was born on 1/26/16, free of any complications of Preeclampsia. Over the past two years our team, Remembering Charlotte, was successful in raising over $8,000 to support the cause through individual donations and sponsorships. In previous years, the Cranford walk has been successful at reaching its fundraising and participant goals.

Preeclampsia is a serious condition that develops during or immediately following pregnancy, affects 5-8% of pregnancies, and is a leading cause of maternal and infant illness and death. The cause is still unknown at this time and the only cure is premature delivery of the infant. When I was 5 months pregnant with Charlotte, I developed severe Preeclampsia, was hospitalized, and had to deliver her before she was able to survive on her own. We strongly support further research to determine a cause and cure for Preeclampsia as we, and many others, are still left without answers as to why Preeclampsia developed with Charlotte and not with Tre. We continue to be proactive in supporting this cause in our daughter's memory because we believe there needs to be more education among OBGYN's, pregnant women, and the community at large to prevent the potentially fatal outcomes of the disorder.

From local businesses, our family is requesting sponsorships at the Making Strides level which will provide your business with recognition on the walk t-shirts, website, and more. In addition, there is also a gift auction on the day of the walk and we are accepting donations of various prizes. In Kind and other contributions are also appreciated. Please email me for sponsorship information.

From our family and friends, we ask that you join us at the walk and raise $50 to contribute towards our team goal.

We are grateful for the Preeclampsia foundation raising funds to support research and education which allowed myself and our son James to arrive safely and healthy; however, we will forever be missing a piece of our family and are appreciative of the opportunity to remember Charlotte at the walk this year. From our family and all other families affected by Preeclampsia, thank you in advance for your support.


James & Larissa Nickson

Funds raised: $2,572 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
: $50
Employer Match
Kimberlee Petillo : $90
Larissa Nickson : $52
2 $20 donations made on walk day & $12 from monthly fundraiser
Aaron Gomes : $25
Michelle Monroe : $10
Melanie Lacy Kusters : $25
You will be so cute walking tomorrow!!! Great job on your first fundraiser Tre!
Melanie Lacy Kusters : $25
You will be the cutest walker Anthony! Hugs to your momma and to all of us remembering your sister Charlotte .
Christine Ciaccio : $25
Susan Scibilia : $5
Great job Anthony!
David Doran : $20
Way to go Anthony!
Katie Carnacchio : $20
Great job Anthony! I am proud to call you and Tre my friends!! Love, Nicholas
Mary Pergament : $5
Anthony, run circles around mommy and daddy tomorrow!
Doug Oines : $10
Shannon Gafgen : $5
Good boy Anthony!! You’re never too young to advocate:) xoxo
Dawn Fennimore : $5
Dorrie Tomayko
In memory of Charlotte, Logan, and Bryce, and in celebration of Tre and Paige.
Caitlin Jones : $50
Ashley List : $10
Ashley Harris : $50
sini gomes : $50
Dee Bhola
Kimberlee Petillo : $100
I am donating as a table sponsor: Kimberlee Petillo for Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate. Larissa will forward you my application form.
Anonymous : $50
Karen Gettman
Samantha Sciarrotta : $15
Mary Anne Keller
Gina Basile : $30
As your Godmother Gina, I want you to stay dedicated in everything that makes YOU happy. Because if you don't stand something, you will fall for anything...and as a Ciaccio-Basile, you are a warrior.
Grandmom Rose Marie Basile : $5
Atta boy Anthony! Love, Grandmom Basile
Alice McCaffrey : $20
In memory of Great, Great Uncle John.......
Tracie Ciancio : $25
Anonymous : $5
Go Anthony !!!
Chelsey Bennett : $5
Great job, Anthony!
Juli and Brian Diefenbach : $5
Laura Princiotta : $5
Crystal Warhurst : $30
Love you Charlotte
Jenna Crance : $25
: $250
Greg Scheiderman : $50
Hi Riss, I just donated $50.00 to the Promise Walk. Can't wait for the Walk.. Love Greg
Jasmine Diaz : $25
Go Team Charlotte!!!
To an amazing mother and an incredible family!
Larissa Nickson : $250
Larissa Nickson's Usborne Books & More sponsorship. I'm sponsoring the walk in Charlotte's memory because I love books and reading and I'm heartbroken I was never able to read to my little girl.
Lisa Walker : $100
Anu Hazra
Wendy Petillo : $20
Julie Dechen : $25
Apple Food Services New Jersey Sponsor : $500
RWJ Ob-Gyn Associates Sponsor : $250
Kimberlee Petillo : $15
Kathryn Knight : $25

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