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We walk to help bring awareness to Preeclampsia - especially HELLP syndrome, as that is what myself and my son, Dylan, survived back in 2006. Every year we've participated in the Promise Walk, we'll told the story of when we had HELLP syndrome. I'd like to also share with you, this year, the lasting effects that preeclampsia can have.

I was only 20 when I was diagnosed with HELLP. I was otherwise healthy, extremely low risk for any kind of pregnancy complication and chucking along with my pregnancy.

I didn't know much besides the name (and that it was bad) about preeclampsia - and I had never heard of HELLP Syndrome until I had it.

I didn't learn a lot about it because I got better a few days after delivery.

Then I found the Preeclampsia Foundation, got involved, learned A LOT, and kind of got slapped in the face.

Because of this, I have a 3-4x more likely chance of developing heart disease (which is already on the rise in women). I have a 3-4x more likely chance of having a stroke. I have a higher chance of developing diabetes at some point in my life.

All because of preeclampsia (umbrella term use).

When I was 29, I went to my doctor for a rather routine checkup. Imagine my surprise when I got the results of the blood work back and learned I have developed high cholesterol. We tried a few medications, but they ALL irritated my liver and made using them basically unbearable.

I've tried to address to my doctors my concerns for the future; but I find myself being blown off by several groups of physicians because they don't think any of this is that big of a deal.

It's kind of that big of a deal.

So, this year - I'm asking you to make a donation to the Promise Walk so we can keep looking for new ways to prevent this illness but ALSO so we can keep looking for how this illness will and can effect us later in life - and how we can be more proactive about our health to hopefully prevent that, too.

This isn't always an illness that just goes away after we have our babies, it's something that we can potentially struggle with for the rest of our lives.

Thank you!

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

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Funds raised: $1,006 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Rhett Swindell : $10
Zeke Swindell : $10
Anonymous : $500
Hannah, you do such a great job with this charity. Thank you for all you do!
Christine Ruby : $50
Michelle Daugherty : $25
Danna Tierney : $25
Kelsie Rushton : $25
Good luck this year!! You always do a fabulous job raising awareness!! ??
Anonymous : $60
Patrick Casey
John Yocum : $25
Destiny Lentz : $100
Alicia Daugherty : $10
Michele Sese
Michele Sese
Greg Daugherty : $50
Liza Diaz-Pokladowski : $50
MIchelle Hatfield : $25
Hannah Daugherty : $10

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