Team Steiner

Thank you for visiting our team page! We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

Want to join our team to make strides? Just click the "Join Our Team" button and register! Registration to attend the Promise Walk is free to all participants.

Funds raised: $5,705 of $3,500
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Heather Schlosser : $100
Amy Frei : $50
Stephanie Steiner : $50
Bonnie Steir : $60
Marlene & Herbert Olarsch : $36
Stephanie and Marissa..... You are amazing!
Andrew Steiner : $20
DipJar Dave
Shelley Hartnett : $25
Sheri Thierry : $50
It is amazing what you accomplish each year! We miss you guys.
Robin Plattman : $220
David Schlosser : $400
Alissa and michael Rosenberg : $36
jennifer Chalal
Eileen DeFuria : $100
Good luck. We are proud to know you. What a wonderful fundraiser.
Marilyn Nacci
Sandi Hammer : $50
Jamie Cunningham : $50
Sorry we can't be there to support you. You have done such an amazing job!!
James Sonneborn : $100
RegentAtlantic is proud to support The Promise Walk and Team Steiner!
Arielle Miller
Dennis Piantigini : $100
A great charity, a great cause.....
Melanie Lewis : $50
Good luck with the walk!!! I'm sure it will be a great success!! Team STEINER is amazing!!!
Lois Essenfeld : $360
Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mothers I know!!!!! We love you Steph and are so proud of all of your hard work for such a wonderful cause!!!!! Xoxoxoxo, All The Essys
Dennis Piantigini : $25
Anonymous : $115
Lauren Barbelet : $50
We love and support you always. Sorry we won't be able to attend and volunteer this year. xoxo
David Weinberg : $108
Thanks for all the great work you and Marissa have done for this cause! - The Weinbergs
gregory horowitz : $75
Keep up the good work Steiners!
Amanda Del Bene : $36
Amanda Del Bene : $36
Robin Plattman
Joy Marconi : $36
We're so proud of you for taking on this challenge of making such a difference in so many lives! We love you.
Risa Yesowitz : $36
With Love from the Yesowitz Family
The Plattman Family
Go Marissa!! Great work - so proud of you!! xxoo
Louisa Testa : $100
: $500
Delivering Change Supporting Fundraiser : $86
Sarah Lieberman
Sarah Lieberman : $20
Mindy Strauss : $36
Good luck to your team, Stephanie! I hope you reach your goals.
Barry Steiner : $100
Congrats on a great Walk. Love, Nata & Poppi
Stephanie Steiner : $160
Delivering Change
Alisa Molbert Realtor : $250
Brett Netkin : $25
Jane Berlant : $50
So proud of you, and love you, my dear friend! Jane
Jane Berlant : $50
So proud of your efforts, and especially of who you are. Love, Jane
Maddy Gold
Go Marissa! I am so proud of you! You are such an inspiration and I love you so much!!
: $250
Amy Frei
Amy Frei
: $50
: $250
Risa Greiss : $25
Karen Rothschild : $100
Lois Essenfeld : $36
Go Team Steiner!!
Good luck Team Steiner!!!
Deborah Bachman : $250
Lesley Wood : $30
Go team Steiner!
julie engel
So proud of all that you do for this cause !
Sharon Schlosser : $50
Ellyn Margulies : $50
Go Team Steiner!
Lili Brillstein : $50
Laney Poye : $10
Stephanie and David Steiner : $100
Keep up the great work Andrew! Just a little something to kick off your fundraising! We love you! Love, Mom and Dad
Stephanie and David Steiner : $100
Keep up the great work Riss! Just a little something to kick off your fundraising! We love you! Love, Mom and Dad
Cindy Hambro : $36
Go Andrew and Team Steiner! Thank you for making a difference for so many people. Russell Tendler
Mel Schlosser : $250

The Preeclampsia Foundation would like to thank its generous National Sponsors: