HELLP Remember Raelyn & Vincent

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Funds raised: $745 of $1,000
80 percent raised



Thank you donors
Leigh Johns : $237
Donated on behalf of: Jai, Susan, Jonelle, Rita, Bill, Teresa, Matt, Elaine, Jennifer, Sharon, Matt, Dineya, Alicia, and Jen
Kristin Hinton : $25
Martina Robinson : $100
William Peterson : $150
Leigh Johns : $133
On behalf of: Kathy, Glenda, Lynn, Melissa, Nicole, Jane Ann, Renee, Bethany, Christina, The Renwicks, Neil, Alyssa, Tina, Mary & Jen. Thank you all for your donations! <3
Adrienne Marriett : $25
Kristin Hinton : $25
Melissa Shaw : $25
Jillian Leone : $25
So grateful to know more about you, your story and your family. Cheers to the babies in the clouds and the ones that fought like hell to stay here!

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