Team Olivia

Thank you for visiting our team page! We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

Want to join our team to make strides? Just click the "Join Our Team" button and register! Registration to attend the Promise Walk is free to all participants.

Funds raised: $1,386 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Kayla Nickey : $240
Usharne Fundraiser
Kayla Nickey : $76
Mary and Martha Fundraiser
Donna Chance : $50
Jeanine Mullinix : $20
Brittany Lillies : $29
Love and miss you Olivia! Thank you for blessing this this earth, foundation, and your Mommy every year! Xo
Robert Phibbons : $100
Good work Kayla!
Dave Phillips : $20
Konae Putman : $25
That's for making me aware of a way to help.
Joyce Britt : $40
Kayla is an inspiration! It was difficult to watch how she was affected by preeclampsia and the loss of Baby Olivia due to preeclampsia. Let's raise awareness and help other moms! Go Team Olivia!!
Joanna Snow : $50
Tina Brooks-Oliver
For my niece and nephew, Mavis' 2 Angels. You are always in our hearts. Go get'm Team Olivia!!
Mavis Stephens : $100
I'm so grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and most of all our hearts to bond.
Michael Reeves : $10
Michael Reeves : $10
Michael Reeves : $10
Michael Reeves : $20
Marticia Reeves : $55
Michael Reeves : $20
Christopher Contreras : $100
Eric: Couldn't let you be at zero.
Leia Tyler : $30
Sorry I can't attend the walk, still want to donate ?
Regina Yeager : $25
In the Memory of Olivia Nickey!!!
Carina Pierce : $20
Samuel Chance : $100
Let's do this!
Lynndel Flack : $100
May the Lord continue to bless you. <3
Joanna Snow : $25
Charles Johnson : $30
Kayla Nickey : $31

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