Jayson's Guardians

Welcome to our team page! We are so excited for this years Promise Walk. Help us achieve our team goal of 500.00. 

This year we have our two sweet rainbows: Brooklyn and Little Grady.  With research in preeclampsia we where able to bring these sweet babies into the world with out any complications.  Brooklyn 4, and Grady 2 are very excited to keep their promise.

Our Story:

Momma Michelle was 26 weeks pregnant when she received a blood pressure reading of 180/100.  She was care flighted to a more equipped hospital and rushed for an emergency cesarean. Jayson was born Feb 23, 2012. He lived for 1 and 1/2 hours.  Momma Michelle held him on her chest until he took his last breath.  We are making a promise to Jayson and plan on keeping it! We are making a promise to help other families so that no one else has to bury a loved one before their time.

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