Team Hope

Thank you for visiting our team page! We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

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Funds raised: $11,845 of $10,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Ashley Ryan : $100
Hope, we think of you often and know your beautiful little soul lives on through your mom, dad and baby brother. Love, the Ryan's
Tigges Family
The beauty of Hope lives on! We will never forget. Love to your family!
Paula Jones : $50
Ross Miller : $200
Happy to support you, Whitney! So happy Graham arrived healthy and sound...and hoping for the same with the new baby on the way!
Gary and Madalene Fuchs : $100
Thinking of you all. What a wonderful tribute to Hope. Gary and Madalene
Katie Wilson : $20
Chris Flannery : $25
Danielle Mau
Tobi Oberman : $25
Ginny Meehan : $50
Julie Heller : $25
Friend of Lauren Mann
Lauren Mann : $35
Lara Kercinik : $25
Amy Truelsen : $50
Proud to support you and the cause!
Kristin Gullo
Wish we could be there to support you at the walk! Love you guys!
Whitney Brown : $50
Amanda Radebaugh : $30
Colleen Cullen : $25
Way to raise awareness!
Avery Miller : $20
Go Team Taylor!
Tiffany Marshall : $50
Go team Hope!
Sue Bullen : $50
Laura Balistreri : $100
We love you Britini, Matt & Hunter! Love, Laura & Pete
Erin Vondra
Love all the work you do and awareness you raise!
Beth Hannes
Best wishes for Team Hope!
Dan Wilke
LaTisha Ballard
Blessings to Team Hope :-)
Crista Schmidt : $50
Maggie Karcavich : $25
David Miller : $20
In memory of our daughter, Emma Viola Miller, who would have turned 21 this year.
Erica Di Pirro
Julie Hein : $15
Happy to help! Love you, Sis!
Christina RoennauRobbins : $80
Amanda Foley : $250
Sending our love from the Foley/ Nicosia families??
Whitney Taylor : $65
Stephanie Luzio : $50
We are so disappointed to be missing the walk this year. Will be thinking of you!
Chad Schwabauer
Wish we could join, we will be thinking of you guys and the entire team! Much love! -Chad and Adrienne
Jackie Babel : $50
Mosie Himes : $50
Colin, Rachel + Sam Schiewe : $50
Colin Schiewe : $0
Nicole Tardif : $40
Lou Ann Wilkens : $100
Megan McKellen : $25
Julie & Eric Lape : $100
Rena Slovick : $100
Team Slovick will be walking with you in spirit this year!! So sorry to miss it! Love you guys!
Kevin Kelly
Ayrielle Walt : $60
Christi Rose : $100
Casey McLaughlin : $10
Russell Scurto
lindsey thomas : $100
Craig and Julie Schommer : $50
Chris and Meghan Strauss : $100
Rebecca & Philip Strauss : $100
Ashley Pasquesi : $25
God Bless!
blake bell : $50
Brooke Fawcett : $100
Good luck my little man! Sending all my love from South America! XOXO
Alyse Eligulashvili : $25
Wilkens Family, Thank you for helping so many people and doing so much good in Hope's memory. May her memory always be a blessing. Love, Alyse
Lauren Hills : $250
Sarah Walter : $150
So much love to our little Hope! We are so sad that we are not able to be at the walk this year but we will be thinking of everyone that day. Love always, Dave, Sarah, Avery and Gavin.
Priscilla Morrison : $100
Anonymous : $5,000
Sandra Wilkens : $100
Chanel and Kevin Thommes : $50
Anna Brown
SO happy to support you guys in this great cause!!!!!
Bridget Mazzio : $50
Jani Wilkens
We love you Britini, Matt, HOPE, and Hunter! The STL Wilkens
Austin Clarke
God Bless Hope, Hunter, and the Wilkens babies to come...
Anna and Bert Walter : $100
Patty Zaumseil : $100
Kelly Haradon : $50
God bless you Hope! Your family is the best sweetie!
Christina Currie : $75
For your sweet Hope Michelle!
Britini Wilkens : $500
For our sweet angel, Hope Michelle. Hunter's big sister who watches over us all. We love and miss her every day. Xoxo
Britini Wilkens : $500

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