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Thank you for visiting our team page! We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Our team captain, Kaila, is the reason why we walk. Kaila almost lost her life to Eclampsia, and she is determined to make a difference so that no other women have to go through what she did. Here is her story:

Kaila had a normal pregnancy. Her daughter was growing right on track, and everything looked good at her check-ups. Around 35 weeks, Kaila noticed she had some swelling. Her wedding rings no longer fit, but she brushed that off as normal. So did her midwife. Around that time she noticed her blood pressure was going up a little, but it still wasn't enough to be considered high. She also had a pain in her abdomen, but again, it was brushed off as "normal" pregnancy pains. She was scheduled to be induced Halloween morning of 2014. At that point she was 11 days overdue. However, just hours before the scheduled induction, little Elaina decided she was ready to come on her own. Kaila had a very long labor (33 hours total). She was exhausted, but also in such awe over her new baby girl. While she was recovering she had noticed the swelling getting worse. The nurses said it was because she had to push for so long, and all of the IV bags. It should go down in a few days.. Throughout her stay her blood pressures were hardly checked. The day of discharge her last reading was at 8am. They were 141/91 but no one ever told them. They got to leave at 5pm, with no clue that her pressures were high and she needed to watch out for symptoms of preeclampsia. The next night, Kaila felt like her chest was tightening and was having trouble catching her breath. She chalked it up to the stressful labor, and went to sleep. Around 2am Elaina woke up crying. Kaila got up to be with her but had a severe migraine. She took some pain medicine hoping it would help and laid back down. Around 5am she woke up vomiting. She thought it was because of the pain medicine she took. She had had that type of reaction to it before. Her husband Jacob called the maternity floor to ask what they thought and they said it might be brain swelling from the epidural and to bring her in. When they arrived the nurse took her vitals. Her pressures were 170/100. They were asked to be seated though. As they were waiting, her migraine was getting worse. She applied ice packs, but even that didn't take the pain away. She ended up losing her vision and the staff said there was still going to be a wait. People with colds were getting called before she was. Jacob went back to the desk to ask why we were still waiting and they said they had wrote down "bad headache". They waited for over 2 hours. Finally she was called back and asked to provide a urine sample. Her hands were shaking, and she had a hard time understanding what to do. She stumbled back to her room and as she laid on the bed, she had an Eclamptic seizure. All she remembers after that is briefly waking up after her MRI, and saying her lips were chapped. The next two days are a blur to her. The ICU had her on a magnesium drip to stabilize. Once she was off of it, she was transferred to a new room, and remained there for a week. She was terrified, and missing her daughter so badly. She could only see her briefly once a day. Every time it looked like her pressures were good, they would spike to stroke levels and she had to stay longer. She got depressed, and was feeling defeated. But by some miracle, things stabilized and she got to go home. As of today, Kaila is off of all blood pressure medication and is an advocate for preeclampsia awareness. We are thankful that Kaila and Elaina are both still here. Many others aren't so lucky. Preeclampsia is responsible for 76,000 maternal and 500,000 fetal deaths every single year. There are no known risk factors, and it can happen at any moment. Please join us in raising money for the preeclampsia foundation so that there can be more research studies done to find a cure! No other woman should have to experience this.

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