Game of Jones

Thank you for visiting our team page! We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

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Funds raised: $1,230 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Meghan McLain
Jennifer Marrie : $20
Vicky Crauthamel : $10
Maegan Campbell : $10
Theresa Canavan : $150
For are Angel Connor and Joey Lizzie Too Love you all
Lynn Petrie
HaPpY hApPy 3rd BiRtHdAy lil Jonsie!!!
Elizabeth Gattie
Kasarah Boiter : $10
Meg Fox : $30
Lisa Harrington : $50
It is so wonderful that you have chosen to honor Connor by helping others; Kelly, you have such a beautiful, caring heart. You truly are one of the strongest women I know.
Kenneth petrie
Happy Birthday. Love always KEN and JANE ????
Melissa Anelli
<3 for Connor
Sarah Sale : $50
Sorry it took so long, love you guys so much!!
Pamela Perron : $20
Allie Ervin : $30
$10 for each of the sweet Jones babies. Happy birthday Joey! Love y’all!
Sabrina Campbell : $10
linda boehlke : $25
Tessa Baldwin : $50
We love you all! ??
Thinking of you guys...what a great tribute
Teresa Grimsley
Much love to you and your family.
Cindy Gillis : $20
Will and Catherine Kousma
Sandra Johnson : $25
Rebecca Cornett-Schnetzer : $60
Dot Martin : $25
Much love to you and your family
Marsha Somich : $25
Christina LeGrand : $10
Tracy & Mike Campbell-Hanf : $20
Mary Beth Sprott
Heidi Demaline : $25
Mary Whiteman : $20
You never forget.
Jennifer Stanfield : $10
Amanda Barletta : $20
Viel Gluck
Victoria Colucci : $10
Kerri Cullinan : $100

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