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This year, on Mother's Day weekend, G and Lisa will be participating in The Promise Walk to raise awareness of preeclampsia and help raise funds for preeclampsia research. This time last year we thought 2017 would be Lisa's first mother's day and G's first father's day.  Unfortunately, at 6.5 months pregnant, Lisa was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia, and our son Conner was delivered early.  Conner was with us for 2.5 days before he passed. Needless to say, it has been a difficult journey. We are grateful for every second that we had with our precious boy, and with the help of our family and friends we are in the process of healing. Conner has touched our lives in the deepest way possible and we think about him every day.

Through this journey we came to know a lot about preeclampsia. It can be hard to explain to other's the "why" and "how" this happens. We highly recommend viewing the Preeclampsia Foundation website for more information on the disease. There is still much more research to be done to learn what exactly causes preeclampsia.

We hope that by participating in the walk we will help others who have been or may go through this. We are honoring Conner's memory, and we will meet others who have been through this.

We are excited to "make strides and deliver hope" for families affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Our team is grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. 

Want to join our team to make strides? Just click the "Join Our Team" button and register! Registration to attend the Promise Walk is free to all participants.

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