Danielle Hallinan was 31 years old when rapid onset HELLP syndrome triggered the premature delivery of her daughter Grace at 24 weeks. HELLP syndrome is a very rare and severe form of preeclampsia. Doctors performed an emergency C-section after her blood work came back that her liver and kidneys were shutting down. Baby Grace survived only 2 more days. Danielle went on to experience post-partum preeclampsia one week later.

13 weeks into her second pregnancy, Danielle’s blood pressure had already risen and she was put on blood pressure medicine. Since her doctors were already closely monitoring her condition, she made it to 34 weeks before blood tests showed that Danielle’s kidneys were in distress again. Because of early detection by her doctors and Danielle’s monitoring of her health throughout the pregnancy, Annelise is now a happy and healthy almost 6 year old!

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