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The month of May is preeclampsia awareness month and I love supporting causes that are near and dear to my heart. In July of 2015, Ryan and I were ecstatic to find out that we were going to have a baby! The first trimester came and went. It was a breeze and nothing like I expected. I had no morning sickness and really no other symptoms, but I was so excited to finally be pregnant. The second trimester rolled around and I was glad to be showing and feeling like a mama. I loved sporting that baby bump everywhere I went. Fast forward to 26 weeks and things started to get rocky. The complications began, my blood pressure had been slowly rising at each appointment, but my doctor thought that it was normal and didn't suspect anything. However things drastically changed. Sunday, December 13th is a day that we will never forget. Early that morning I woke up to go to use the bathroom (which was very common at this point), only to find blood in our bed. We rushed to the emergency room, and I was put on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I tried everything in my power to keep our little one cooking. We did all the right things. I went to regular doctor appointments, took my vitamins, and lived a healthy lifestyle. I thought bedrest would help decrease my stress and keep Oliver inside. On Christmas Day, I started to feel bad and chalked it up to heartburn. I began getting nauseous and called the doctor. The nurse said it was a bug and to just to keep an eye on it. By December 29th, I couldn't keep anything down and after my regular appointment, my doctor sent me to labor and delivery. My blood pressure began to skyrocket and they were afraid I could potentially have a seizure, so I was lifelined to a trauma hospital that would be able to handle delivering our baby so early and take care of me. While in that hospital, I was being closely monitored. I had my blood drawn every 3 hours (including a deep vein IV and a PICC line - both of which went dry) in order to check my platelets and liver enzymes. Soon after admittance to the hospital, I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. On January 2nd, I woke up very early in the morning and felt terrible hunger pains. I asked Ryan for anything to eat in our hospital room, but then immediately started vomiting. That didn't stop and soon I was throwing up blood and my blood pressure became uncontrollable. I had terrible pain in my upper right chest. The doctors quickly explained my liver and kidneys were shutting down. I had to have an emergency csection in order to save myself and most importantly to save Oliver. So I tell this story, our story, in order to raise awareness for preeclampsia. We were extremely lucky to make it out alive and healthy. Even after a long NICU stay (77 days) and who knows what in the future, we are blessed beyond measure. We wouldn't change any of it. We have this sweet boy to cuddle and love on every single day. That's not always the case for other mothers and babies. So please remember my story this month and keep it in mind. I would love to raise as much awareness as possible about this frightening syndrome. I will do everything that I can so that everyone gets the chance like we did to bring another life into this world. One to love on and care for, someone that we love in a unimaginable way and that we couldn't imagine our lives without. #366daysofoliver

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We love the Lahrman’s!
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Amy, you and Oliver are truly inspiring.
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So thankful you are all healthy today!!! You are one tough momma!!

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