Because of Jeni

 Jennifer Faustman (McGowen) was an amazing woman! She had a knack for making people smile, laugh and genuinely feel loved where ever she was. She was always looking for ways to make this world a little bit better whether it be stopping to pick up some trash in the park or donating hours of service to her church and community.

She was an amazing daughter, sister, wife, friend and, for a short time, she was also an amazing mother.

HELLP, which is the life threatening pregnancy complication associated with Preeclampsia, took her life 2 days after giving birth to her baby boy.

Her symptoms were classic and started a couple hours post delivery with a severe headache. 12 hours later, a time which was supposed to be one of the happiest times of her and her husband's lives as well as our lives, turned into a nightmare that quickly spiraled out of control.

We dedicate this team to her and we walk to raise awareness so no more babies, husbands or families have to go home from the hospital with one less than they came with. 


2018 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia

Date: May 05, 2018

Registration: 1pm

Walk begins: 2pm

Location: Holmes Lake, Lincoln, Nebraska

You don't have to physically be at Holmes Lake on the 5th to be part of the Promise Walk! You can participate virtually by simply donating to an existing team or by creating your own team, sending your friends and family the link to your team page, and asking that they consider donating and/or participating in our cause.

While our primary goal is to raise awareness so that mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and others never have to experience the tragic consequences of Preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders we also have set a financial goal of $7,500, so if you are able, please give freely.

Volunteers and potential sponsors, please contact Walk Coordinator Stephanie Reikofski (McGowen) for more info:

Funds raised: $9,087 of $1,000
100 percent raised



Thank you donors
Anonymous : $100
Nancy Huls : $25
McGowen Farms : $739
Dennis & Sharon Larson : $275
John & Linda Davis : $200
John & Linda Davis : $200
The D.M. Williams Family : $100
Daniel& Nancy Schulz : $100
Brent & Lori Haun : $100
Robert Vanvalkenburg : $100
Melinda Kentfield : $50
Kathy Fink : $50
Steven & Sandra Weber : $50
Randall & Diane Schulz : $30
John & Kathleen Brady : $25
Mike and Shari Fischer : $40
We couldn't make it to the walk, although we wanted to. We were thinking of you though and congratulate you on the great job you did raising awareness and funds for this important cause.
Janet Offner : $100
Erin Rathe : $100
...with all our love! -the Rathe family
Julie Fagot : $30
Christina Barnhardt
Tammy Hemphill : $25
Matthew Church : $75
Anonymous : $50
Eric Eickmeier
Because of Jeni
Anonymous : $20
Troy Van Dyke : $25
Sara Rohren : $100
Audrey Stone : $50
Sara Morris
Kerry Beckmann
Julia Campbell : $100
Calsie Donker : $25
Jeff Minus : $100
sarita panowicz
Sharon Woolsey : $75
Kelly Robare : $30
For dear, sweet Jeni, who always made me laugh!
Barbara Faustman : $100
You are in our thoughts DAILY.
Anonymous : $500
Stefanie Pearlman : $15
Cori Vance : $100
Love you, Robbie! -Aunt Cori, Uncle Randall, Sara, Christine, Lindsey and Daniel
Anonymous : $50
Robin Bates : $250
Remembering Jeni with love and hoping to find a treatment and cure for Preeclampsia for future mothers.
Robbie Faustman : $100
I love you Mommy and miss you soooooooooo much.
Terry Rush : $10
Jon & Jill Eberspacher
Remembering Jenni!
Erin Overstreet : $85
Melanie Mangers : $50
Thinking of Jeni and whole family??
Lisa Guill : $100
Dustin Resch : $15
Jessica Blair : $20
Karla Fagot : $80
Because of Jeni. Such a wonderful soul and beautiful angel.
Kimberly Williams : $50
Ashley Schlake : $25
Nicole Bates-Rush : $83
This donation comes via Facebook from Amanda Suhr, Tess Cameron, Nic Cunningham, Kyle Brokaw, & Mitch Locken. THANK YOU!!
Douglas Schuring : $25
Jo Stalder : $100
Jaclyn Teixeira
April Schulz : $100
Because of Jeni
Leanna Kreifels : $40
Michelle Goedeken : $20
David Duff : $250
Deb McGowen : $500
Lola Barry : $50
Kelsey Scrivner : $50
Love you!!
Denise Lempka : $25
I wish I could be there to walk along with you! Love ya!
Nicholas Eitzmann : $50
Marci Doetker : $25
Because of Jeni!! Xoxox
Richard Ferrin : $100
Marcie & Pat Reed : $250
Gina Rodabaugh : $20
Angie Fass : $50
Mike Fass : $50
Sam McCoy : $50
Heather Williams : $100
Because of Jeni!!
Lauren Sommerer
Tara Huber : $25
Nikki Bates : $20
Megan Russell : $25
Happy to help an old friend
Denise Savage : $50
Chris Robinett : $100
Julia Campbell : $100
Emily Allison : $50
I wish I could be there to walk with you all! Will be thinking of you, and Jeni and sending LOADS of love and hugs!!!
Sabrina Haney : $20
I had my son shortly after hearing about Jeni’s story. I’m a twin, so the fact that she was a twin stood out to me. My heart broke for her family when I heard her story.
Anonymous : $20
Jamie Snyder : $50
Thank you for raising money for and awareness about preeclampisa/HELLP.
Jennifer Mostek : $30
Angela O'Neal : $20
Tim Munn
Leslie Richardson
Stephanie Reikofski : $50
Deb McGowen : $100
Derik Reikofski : $100

The Preeclampsia Foundation would like to thank its generous National Sponsors: