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Here is our story, as written by Kevin McBride:

Maxwell Chance McBride was born 10 weeks early. His mom had been diagnosed with Preeclampsia and HELLP after a routine ultrasound showed an anomaly. We were asked to walk below/across 611 and the diagnosis was made in labor and delivery. Consequently, we had to have an emergency C-section. Me, Katie, and Kelly (Katie’s twin) sat there nervous as the OR was prepared. We were panicked. Katie didn’t even have her baby shower yet. My truck was still at work. My sneakers were still all in his room around the crib and bureau. His were too, including his infrared Air Max 90s - 1 of 6 pairs that both me and him owned. They were our favorite. Katie and Kelly had just put his animal decals on the wall. What the heck was happening? I needed to break the tension and show confidence. Throughout the pregnancy, I would play songs for Max on his mom's belly. Ben Kweller, Wilco, Chance the Rapper. These songs sandwiched my important life lesson speeches like:
1) The proper ranking of the Rocky movies
2) Why Goonies should replace any need to watch Sesame Street

His mom would karaoke for him in the car on her drive to work. I am a huge dork so I blast my headphones before I have to lead a meeting to fire myself up. I quickly switched to one of his Mom's favorite Pearl Jam songs Given To Fly on my iPhone and placed it by Max's ears. I was going to pump her and Max up for the surgery. We jammed until they wheeled Katie out. It worked. Mom and Max killed the delivery. I held Katie's hand and close-talked her behind a great and powerful Oz curtain as she shook from the medicine. Max came out 13 minutes later at 6:04 PM. Perfect to us. From there, we just got bad news after good news after bad news. A runaway roller coaster navigated by varying bed side manners. His esophagus was somehow not connected to his stomach. His trachea was somehow connected to his stomach. Wait forget all that - that's not it - he's fine. Wait yes it is IT actually. Huh? It was a fixable birth defect (EA/TEF) that I had never heard of before. I only thought we had to worry about him staying in a NICU and breathing correctly on his own (which he did immediately). So me and Max took an ambulance ride down to CHOP through the zoo, a football draft, and a relay event. Max stiff-armed a lion, shook a college linebacker, and jumped a hurdle with me on his back (with tears in my eyes). When I held him before his first surgery, he told new dad jokes to make me comfortable and put me at ease. He absolutely HAD this. He had all this under control for him, for mommy, for me, for the billion family members inhabiting the ronald mcdonald family waiting room.

Max fought like mommy did to break out of a different hospital 1 day early in order to trek all the way across an overly crowded city to get to him. She forgot about her fresh c-section wound and itchy rash, slapped some sirens on her wheelchair and rushed to hold her baby. Two warriors fighting for each other.

Unfortunately, a second surgery became necessary - a heart surgery - this time hours after his 2 lbs 4 oz body had endured the initial surgery. Max eventually passed away after this surgery in front of me and Katie but not before he assured me that he would be OK and that he actually had in fact completed his Ironman transition during the surgery. "Check out this arc reactor, Dad. With his thing, I can make a ton of people feel better. Sick kids, sick moms. I’ll even use it to comfort our whole family who might feel depressed about me or anything else. I promise."

Our "Moose" was loved and admired and still is now. It is our hope that this team of avengers can show everyone our boy Max as the badass cutie that he was. We are proud of him and we want to remind him of that everyday. We want to use him and the strength he inspires to help women who develop preeclampsia and HELLP during pregnancy or post partum (Katie was rushed back to hospital again for a second stay a couple days after Max's passing). We want him to help doctors find cure for preeclampsia and HELLP while also helping make pregnant women aware of the symptoms they can be a better advocate for themselves. Most importantly, I want him to do all this for his mommy because I know he would have done anything for her. Please help us honor our Moose. #MAXSTRONG

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Margaret McBride : $25
"Given To Fly"
Braeden Wilkinson : $25
Liam Wilkinson : $25
Elizabeth Adams
Katherine McBride : $62
Happy birthday Mom. For Max and for the future :)
Kelly Mulligan : $62
In lieu of grandmom birthday gift - for Maxwell and Katie ????
Robert Atkins : $50
Erica Ruggley : $25
Jeffrey Coulter : $100
Have a great walk!
Michael Magee : $40
Para Agrawal
Way to go #MaxStrong !
Brad Hess : $20
Adam Kramer : $25
You guys rock!
Kelly Grimes : $50
Theresa Berran : $25
Rebekah Benner : $25
Bridie Tobler : $25
Sue Mulligan : $100
Love from Great Aunt Cherie
Custom Ink Fundraising : $1,189
Viet Do : $100
Beth Wilkinson : $30
Keep doing great things. God bless!
Theresa Gibson : $50
Jeffrey Bohner : $10
Anonymous : $200
Mary Frances O'Donoghue : $50
Katie and Kevin you are truly an inspiration and Max is our Guardian Angel??
Rachel LoPiccolo : $50
Janet Bernstein : $100
Jim Mulligan : $10
Francis McBride : $250
Go Katie and Kevin! (But wait for me, I'm not that fast!)
John Nahrgang : $50
Beata Quindlen : $25
Matthew Thomas : $100
Susan Perilli
Paul Nahrgang : $20
Much love to Max, Katie and Kevin
Lauren Benjamin : $25
Wish I could be there to walk with you.
Theresa Gibson : $50
Go Avengers! You guys rock!
Anonymous : $20
This donation is being made in honor of Max on behalf of the extremely talented UK based artist Steve Piantoni. Thank you Steve!
Anonymous : $50
From Poppy
Brittany Wacker : $50
We love you Max ??
Beata Quindlen : $50
Alesha Miles : $25
Go Max Avengers! Glad I can help spread the Awareness ????
Mary Huckin
Brittany Huckin : $20
Rob Mulligan : $100
Philip Nahrgang : $50
amanda rompola : $100
Anonymous : $100
Kristin Durfee : $25
Love to Max, his mama, and dad from the Durfee's
Steven Finkbiner : $50
Amanda Pedrick : $100
Sue Mulligan : $50
This donation is from Great Aunt Candy who loves and misses you, Max!
Kristy Adgalane : $50
Karen Kimble : $100
Chad Evangelous : $100
Go Max’s Avengers!
Linda McBride : $100
Sue Mulligan : $100
For our grandson, Max, who we miss every day
Kelly Mulligan : $100
For my lovely nephew and beautiful sister
Hannah Thomas : $100
Katherine Mulligan : $100
We miss our Mighty Moose
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