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Patrick's Posse is happy to be joining the Promise Walk this year! This event is very special to our family.

In October 2013, Bryan and I found out that we were expecting our first child. To say we were ecstatic was an understatement!

I had a few complications in the pregnancy early on, but my doctors always assured us that they were normal issues associated with pregnancy. Until around 15 weeks, when the doctors were concerned with the growth of our baby. The baby seemed to be measuring below average weight and length. Our OB referred us to an MFM specialist. We began seeing our MFM doctors every 4 weeks, but they promised us that everything looked fine.

On March 5, 2014, we went for our routine MFM appointment at 25 weeks pregnant. The technician seemed really quiet and was taking longer than usual. Both Bryan and I didn't think much of it, until she left the room and the MFM came in. Our MFM informed us that there was an issue with the blood flow from the placenta to our son and I would be immediately admitted into the hospital. He told us that I would not be leaving the hospital until our son was born via C-section. 

After running some testing, the doctors diagnosed me with severe preeclampsia and I would be on hospital bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy. I was somewhat familiar with preeclampsia. My sister was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 37 weeks with my nephew. He was born healthy and she had no issues either. My co-worker was also diagnosed with preeclampsia with her daughter late in the pregnancy and everything turned out fine. There was no reason for me to think differently for our outcome. The goal was to get me to 30 weeks pregnant. So, we settled into my hospital room and prepared to be there for weeks.

On March 12, 2014, Bryan headed off to work as usual and started me normal day of eating hospital food and watching lots of daytime television. Little did we know that day would forever change our lives. 

Since I was hooked to a monitoring device all day, my nurse noticed  that my heart rate was increasing and my son's heart rate was decreasing. She was extremely concerned and notified my OB. There was now a better chance for our son's survival outside the womb and he would be delivered that day via emergency C-section at 26 weeks. After hearing that, I really don't remember much of anything else. I don't remember who called Bryan and I don't remember prepping for delivery or the journey to the OR. The only thing I remember is lying in the OR desperately waiting to hear our son's cry. In movies and television shows, baby cry immediately after birth. In my heart, I knew something wasn't right.

Bryan went with Patrick to the NICU, while I was wheeled back to my hospital room for recovery. We weren't back in my room for very long before there was a call from the NICU for me to come see Patrick. Once again, I knew something wasn't right.

We were told that Patrick's lungs weren't fully developed and there wasn't much they could do. Bryan and I are so grateful for the moments that we were able to share with Patrick in the NICU. He was absolutely perfect and knew nothing but love for the three hours that he was with us. Letting him go was the most gut wrenching experience that we have ever faced. Patrick taught us more in those three short hours, then most people will learn in their lifetime.

Our story doesn't end there...

Just as we were settling into our "new normal", we found out that we were pregnant and expecting our rainbow baby, baby born after a loss, due February 2015. Our OB was amazingly patient and understood our cautious optimism. We all knew that there was a chance that I could develop preeclampsia again but this time I was aware of all the warning signs and symptoms. We agreed to see our OB every other week and the MFM doctors every 4 weeks. At 12 weeks, our MFM put me on a low-dose aspirin regiment. We also had genetic testing done and found out that we were expecting a healthy baby girl.

Everything was going fine, until 33 weeks. My mother - in - law bought me an at-home blood pressure monitor and I used it twice a day. A noticed that my bp had spiked significantly, 180/110. I contacted my OB immediately and he recommended that I come see him that day. He admitted me into the hospital for 24 hour testing and I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia. Since it was mild preeclampsia, I went sent home and put on bedrest at home. I was informed that I would deliver our girl at 37 weeks via C-section.

On January 31, 2015, I was scheduled to give birth to our daughter. I was terrified of losing another baby and couldn't even fathom what we would do if we lost her.


At 8:22 am, Corrah Brigid came screaming into the world! I finally heard that sound that I so desperately missed out on with Patrick. Her screams were music to my ears! I knew this little girl would be feisty.

There isn't a day that goes by that we do not think or talk about Patrick. We wonder what he would he would be doing, what things he would like, and what trouble he'd be getting into. Patrick has two siblings to help carry on his legacy. Collin was born April 2017, without a trace of preeclampsia!

We are honored to be walking for Patrick and all the other babies and mothers were lost their fight to preeclampsia. We hope that you will join us in walking or making a donation.


Mandy, Bryan, Patrick, Corrah & Collin

Patrick's Posse

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We love and miss you always, Patrick.
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You will always have a piece of our hearts dear little Patrick.
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