Heather Lucas | Team Vercas

Thank you for visiting my 2017 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia fundraising page.

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word about preeclampsia! 

Losing my twins to preeclampsia, I knew I had to contribute to something, to a better understanding of preeclampsia to hopefully a cure. Ultimately, I don’t want ANYONE to lose someone because of preeclampsia, for the survivors to struggle to understand why, or to have to look to a future with uncertainty because of these life-threatening disorders.  

My goal is to help our community raise funds and awareness and save the lives of moms and babies!

Please make a donation to support our efforts to fund education and research into this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

Funds raised: $1,770 of $150
100 percent raised


Thank you donors
Audrey Ernest : $50
Melissa Wilson : $50
Sorry Im late!!
Go VERCAS !!!!!
Judith Taylor : $10
We love you buddy & the boys... god bless. Judi n James
Nudirj Taylot : $10
We love you buddy & the boys... god bless. Judi n James
Stephanie Yannacci : $25
E Vernon
So proud that you and Buddy are doing this. I love you. Mom
Gina Galimberti : $25
Jim Laubert : $100
Vicki Daly : $50
Bryan Weeks
Michele Loscocco : $250
Laurie Law
Sandi Roddy : $50
Hugs to you, Heather.
Heather Shors : $50
Adam Tagert : $100
Kathleen Bogner : $50
Lydia Zieglar : $100
Eugene Sullivan : $100
Debby Wallner : $100
Good walking ...pookie
Anonymous : $50

The Preeclampsia Foundation would like to thank its generous National Sponsors: